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Our CSR philosophy

Kopi Luwak

Our supplier’s coffee plantation is located in the region of Bali’s largest volcano in the north of the island. Rice cannot be grown in this part of the island, because no water can flow from it. That is why the best quality Luwak coffee comes from there, as it is the specialty of the region. The cats roam free and have a good life. In this way, the sale of this coffee offers a good income to the local workers and we support the welfare of the animals.

Shonora Excellent Specialty

The coffee we deliver comes from the family’s own farmland behind Shonora Coffee and they produce the same coffee every year: the cupping score is always the same. They were the first people who started producing coffee 25 years ago in the area in Guji. They are also one of the first to do itself for dry and washed coffee industry and planted them in the Guji zone. In the places Shakicha and Gerba. The company is named after the father of the family, he is called Shonora. He is the first person who has started Guji coffee, he is in the age of 80. They are the only one who score the coffee specialty 96 at the coffee fair in Ethiopia and Gata family scores 87.5 at other international companies such as Traboca coffee companies, Falcon coffee companies, Scandinavian coffee companies, Atlantic coffee companies, trade unions Hand-burned companies in London, all these companies Shonora give an excellent score. No chemical fertilizers are applied. The coffee grown in the area contains no chemical fertilizers. It is naturally grown on grounds that is rich in various nutrients and is fertilized with animal feces and leaves that have fallen from trees and have become compost. If internationally qualified quality inspectors a particular arabic cafe award 80 points or more, that coffee may be sold as a Specialty Coffee. Better prices are often paid for such coffee, so it is interesting for coffee farmers to strive to deliver specialty coffee. For this they need a coffee variety that is known for the delicate flavors. They must put that coffee under ideal growing conditions on their plantations. Due to the fact that the plantations are owned by the family, we are proud to be part of this and that we are able to be of added value for so many families. 


We are always making sure the working conditions are pleasant and we always pay the market prices for coffee and salaries.


We believe it is important to contribute to the welfare of animals with our company. We therefore donate monthly to the DierenLot Foundation.