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Affiliate collaboration.

We offer the possibility to work with us as affiliate | Dropshipping partner. We are working with a fully automated Affiliate software platform.
The advantage is that through this channel we are able to offer you a fully automated collaboration.
We provide all details about our products and you are allowed to use our promotion material (like text, images and videos) as long as you are using the affiliate tag.

We are shipping worldwide 🌍, our website is available in 24 languages and we are rated 5 stars on @trustpilot and @trustedshopscom. We are working with a fully automated fulfillment warehouse and the commission we pay is worth it. Our brands Kopi Luwak and Shonora are known worldwide and promoting will cause sales.

The big advantage of working through a affiliate partnership is that you don’t need to invest in stock and after you’ve made sure sales have taken place we do all the shipping- work. You receive commission for promoting and creating sales. Please fill in the form below if you are willing to work with us.

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